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For Bettervouchers, the way your personal information and data is protected and used is very important to us. This Privacy Policy explains what type of information we get from you, how we use it, and how we protect it.

By creating an Account with Bettervouchers, you provide to us data which we will collect and use to provide you with a better service. This data is used to process payments we make to each Account, to provide you with excellent customer support, and for everything else listed in this Privacy Policy.

What do we Collect?

Bettervouchers only collects personal data from you; no sensitive personal data. When you create an Account with Bettervouchers you will be asked for your e-mail address, name and some other information. We will also note your IP address to get an idea of our user locations. Any further personal information we collect is completely optional for you to provide, such as age and occupation. We keep your personal data only as long as is permitted for legal, fraud prevention, regulatory and taxation purposes.


Cookies are tiny pieces of information that may be stored by your browser onto your computer’s hard drive. The cookies on Bettervouchers site are placed by both ourselves and authorised third parties. These cookies:

  1. Tell us how you came to Bettervouchers; for example, through an online advertisement.
  2. For an Account Holder:
    1. Track transactions & do not tell us any specifics, like what you bought and for how much.
    2. If you choose to, keep you logged into your Account.
    3. Let us implement your choices about the information displayed on your Account
    4. Track your use of blogging available throughout Bettervouchers’ website.
    5. Keep track of any options you select for future visits (for example, recently viewed items).
    6. Allow integration with social media applications (for example, allowing you to tweet about a certain product).
    7. Help us to provide you with recommended offers based on previous items viewed and how you have used your Bettervouchers Account.
  3. If you look through Bettervouchers website but do not register an Account, cookies allow advertising of Bettervouchers on other websites you visit. This is to attempt to remind you to return to our site to become an Account Holder at a later date.

We may include cookies on Bettervouchers website that allow third party advertisers to utilise our space to provide you with adverts relevant to your interests. To find out more about the use of cookies by third-party advertisers, visit
The cookies you will find on the Bettervouchers site, we think, are non-intrusive and are used primarily to aid Account Holders perform the activities they registered on Bettervouchers for.
To learn more about cookies, and how to remove them if necessary, visit
Most importantly, if you reject the use of cookies on Bettervouchers’ website you will not be able to use parts of our site.

Information You Share With Retailers

Occasionally the personal data you have provided on your Account will be made available to other businesses, such as retailers, for example when you make a purchase. These other businesses will have their own Privacy Policies, and we encourage you to read these as they are outside of our control.

How we Share your Information

To understand a bit more about our Account Holders to provide everyone with the best offers we can, we may sometimes provide the personal data we hold about you to third-party organizations. These organizations check the information against the data they already hold about you and provide us with any relevant information we require.
The data we receive about Account Holders is also used for our own purposes, shared with prospective and current retailers as well as third-party organizations, and used to target offers for Account Holders.
As well as this, we also share data with trusted third-parties to enable us to correctly track your qualifying transactions.
The personal data we hold about you may be disclosed if Bettervouchers, or any third-party organization processing your data on our behalf, is compelled to do so by law.


Bettervouchers takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. We must stress that no computer system is completely secure, but we do everything we can to reduce the risk of any security issues. The data you give us is kept on secure servers with restricted access.
We password protect your Account for your security, and it is up to you to protect your account in any way you can. We suggest that you keep your password secret and ensure you sign-out of your Account on any untrusted device.

Mailing Information

We want to keep you as up-to-date as possible, and because of this we send Account Holders information on products and services from ourselves or our carefully selected partners that we believe you’ll be interested in. We will endeavour to keep these emails to a minimum, but if you are unhappy with what you are receiving you can opt-out of future emails, or unsubscribe at any time.
Occasionally we will need to send you vital information through email, and these messages cannot be turned off. These emails could notify you of changes to our Terms and Conditions, or other important things. You can stop these at any time by unsubscribing and de-registering your Account.

Access to information

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to access the personal data we hold about you.
In accordance with that Act, we reserve the right to charge a small fee if you ask us to provide you with this information. If you have questions about the handling or protection of your personal data, a written enquiry should be sent to us using our contact form.

Changes to this privacy statement

This Privacy Policy is correct as of 06/03/2015.

Registered details

We are Better Deals Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales under registration no. 9467152. Please note that all communications (including formal notices) under this Agreement are to be sent and received by email. For this purpose, your notices should be sent via our contact form, and we will send our notices to you at the email address you notify to use when you register as an Account Holder, as changed subsequently

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